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Dark Guild - comic book artist

My Name is Wilson Guillaume I am a local comic book artist in the Gatineau/Ottawa region and Co-founder of G7 Comics. I am also one of the creators of Dark Child the comic book. I am originally from Miami, Florida and I came to Canada in the Summer of 2006. I started work in Montreal as a 3D artist and began working on a Major motion picture called "Mr. Magorium Wonder Emporium" and in 2010 started a family. I am of Haitian descent and I have just recently release two books, Dark Child Issue #1 Death of my past and Issue #2 Voyage to America. Since the release of the comic I have been featured guest on the CBC Radio show called "All in a day" with Alan Neal.  An article was ran by Apt613 about my work on the book as well. Currently my comic books are being sold in local stores and it is also available online in Amazon and Comixology as well.   


To give you a bit of back story for the comic:


 Dark Child is a supernatural thriller built around Haitian folklore that follows the story of a young girl's journey from the brink of ruin to legendary rebirth. In this unconventional saga, a young girl with paranormal abilities will battle the forces of darkness surrounding her, the growing darkness lurking inside her, and even nefarious fiends setting into motion their diabolical schemes. Though this journey will take a serious toll on her, it will also allow her to experience a legendary rebirth that will unlock a latent potential hiding deep within her. Essentially its an unfolding drama leading to an unprecedented story chronicling the making of a hero.